Marcelo Mordoch

At first I worked with 2D animations in Flash, Graphic Design, cards and posters, and retouching photos wedding photo books. At this point I was ready to embrace my first big project: develop a website for Anhaguera College, a big private university in Brazil. That work was the first step that encouraged me to always give my best. Ever! That project can be seen at http://anhanguera.com/home. That first big step leaded me to another important project, the development of a great ecologic App called “Eco1”. Being the first Ecologic Video App in Brazil, it was published in a renowned Brazilian magazine about business, called “IstoÉ Dinheiro”. After that I got a Art Director Assistant opportunity at one of the Top 5 Brazilian Design Agencies. At Sinc - Euro RSCG 4D, a now closed company. I was able to create to big national and international brands as LG, Caixa (national bank) , Net (Telephone, Internet, Cable TV) , Google, Saraiva (book store), Brasif and Duty Free. You may find more informations about the company at https://pt.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Sinc_Digital. Looking for new challenges, I still work in MTMpublicidade, a Brazilian publicity agency, creating high complexity and innovative concepts, websites and interactives panels for Real Estate Agencies publicity. As a Art Director at entre2pontos I developed graphic solutions and material for big brands like Wickbold (food segment), Avon (cosmetics segment), Pampers, Anaconda and Marinex. Getting close to my origins and wanting to use my textile segment knowhow, I started to focus in Fashion Companies. At first I worked for “Mario Queiroz”, a major fashion brand, that shows your collections on São Paulo Fashion Week, led by designer who named it. Then, I developed all the marketing, advertising and identity as email, landing pages, promotional events and e-commerce necessities for Daslu, a exclusive high society brand in Brazil. Still wanting to involve my artistic abilities, I decided to try a new segment and started to work as scenography, creating with wood and painted structures for concerts and operas, mockups, prototypes and costumes for theater plays and special effects for TV. All this knowledge was use to help create promo videos for TV as a Director´s Assistant. Some of that work can be seen in some TV’s commercial of Uno (automobile segment), Natura (cosmetic segment), Vivo (mobile segment), Iogurte Itambé Grego (food segment). Already as a Art Director I managed big accounts as LG, Omron (healthcare equipments), Logitech, Symantec, Sony and Vivo. Nowadays, I started a collaborative company to bring together professionals from different segments and develop new ideas that can make social changes in people’s life through sustainable and education projects.


Domain in Photoshop, Illustrator, Html, CSS, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, E-commerce Platforms, 3D Max, inDesign and Video and Photo Manipulation.

Experience in Projects and Concepts Developments, Printed Pieces, Layout, Banners, Websites, E-commerce, Email Marketing and Animation, Branding, Management Information, Navigability and Interactivity.




AS 2.0 e 3.0.


Html / Css - advanced

illustrator InDesing


After Effects Premiere Final Cut



Projects (Digitais / Graphic) for many companies:
Faculdades Anhanguera, Daslu, Avon, wickbold, LG, NET, Google e Caixa Econômica Federal. See others HERE